"Tough times dont last, but tough people do." (gem_night77) wrote in swimfroggyswim,
"Tough times dont last, but tough people do."

First year swimming in over 6 years.
started off as a slow season getting crappy times.
over the season i improved from:

100 free: 1.23 to 100 free: 1.03
50 free: 33 to 50 free: 28
500 free: 7:20 to 500 free: 6:50

i was just wondering, do u think i could pull off a sub 1 minute next year in the 100 free.
i want to make it my goal, but being so new to swimming, wondering if it is too far fetched.

thanks. looking forward to next season, and hopefully swimming for fun in the summer.
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yea you can easily be under a minute in the 100 by next year, you jsut gotta work super hard. and you'll probally float around 1:00 or 1:01 for a while at least most of the kids i swim with do and then one time you'll break it and drop crazy time afterwards
Hey there, we both belong to the swimfroggyswim group and I caught your entry. Over one season you've improved a lot! My times are or *cough* were around there the last time I swam, and if you do a lot of sprint training and endurance and work on your start and flip turns like crazy you could easily go under a minute. The times fluctuate so much, it's crazy, just have a great race. Good luck!
flip turns. thanks. i always goof up on them, in the begining of the season i did not even do them. we had hell week with 106 50's, and i did all them with shark fin kick offs.
this year will be better.
nice, flip turns were the worst for me. I swam from when I was 8 until last summer (15), now I'm coming back this summer being 17 and I have to race against all of the fast people, flip turns can either win the race or lose them for ya, they tend to hurt me rather than help me :(
ditto. :)
i'm sure you can do it :) work hard in the summer and keep up with the swimming. don't get out of shape.
when i finally broke a minute, it was a meet that i will never ever forget :] good luck! remember the middle 2 laps are probably the most important part of the race...its where ppl start to get tired and where you really have to kick it and push yourself! :]
1:00 is tough to break sometimes, but i think dives and flip turns can really improve your time. what are shark fin kick offs?
like on a 50, u dive in and instead of doing a flip turn at the wall, sorta do a breast stroke kick off. i was taught to call it shark fin because u put your hand behind ur head like a shark's fin.
I definitely think you can do it! At the end of my first season I was doing a high 1:01 and by the end of my second season (I also got lazy and didn't do any off season conditioning mind you), I was at a low 56. Do your best! Good luck!
Hello, I'm so happy to find a swimming community! I don't have an account (yet) with livejournal, but I was curious about this community in particular (seeing as I am a swimmer myself). I'm a dedicated athlete, but from what I've read everyone seems to be in college or seniors in high school. Maybe I'm crazy, eh? Hah either way, I'm still in Junior High which is fairly young compared to most of you that are already here, but I'm pretty fast and would like to learn a few tips or too from older swimmers. Would you care to take younger swimmers? Thank you for your time :)
swimmers normally start young.
i know if i never was on the swim team when i was in 5th grade, i would have never done it this year, or been a quarter as decent as i am. something you can connect with, basically ever swimmer starts young, so people should connect with you and your age.
chances are, you are better then me, so this is no helping you. and i'm a fairly new swimmer myself.
good luck, and get an account.
I'm going into 9th grade too, and I'm probably not as fast as everyone else here - I just started swimming in 7th grade, and I'm not even under a minute in my 100 free. But it seems to me, even though I'm new, that everyone is welcome, no matter what age or speed. :)