"Tough times dont last, but tough people do." (gem_night77) wrote in swimfroggyswim,
"Tough times dont last, but tough people do."

First year swimming in over 6 years.
started off as a slow season getting crappy times.
over the season i improved from:

100 free: 1.23 to 100 free: 1.03
50 free: 33 to 50 free: 28
500 free: 7:20 to 500 free: 6:50

i was just wondering, do u think i could pull off a sub 1 minute next year in the 100 free.
i want to make it my goal, but being so new to swimming, wondering if it is too far fetched.

thanks. looking forward to next season, and hopefully swimming for fun in the summer.
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