"Tough times dont last, but tough people do." (gem_night77) wrote in swimfroggyswim,
"Tough times dont last, but tough people do."

Hey again, i know you people are getting bored with me, but i just have one last question.

i already posted my times, but i will resay them, 100free: 1.03, and 50 free: 28.2

this is my first year swimming, and i'm a junior. after districts ended, a few colleges and universities sent me recuriting papers on swimming a few d3 schools, and one d2. Just asking for my times and telling me to come to there school and talk to the coach. i dont know if they ever really saw my time, infact, i highly doubt it.
would it be a waste to send in my times? i sorta do want to play a college sport, but never concidered swimming. if i did, would they send me something back reading, "opps, sorry, wrong person, we really dont want you."

any information would help.
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Last year, when i was junior i also got recuiting info. I would definatly send back the paper with your times and information on them. Afterwards they'll send you more information about their school and swimming program and that will help you decide whether their school could be right for you. They definatly wouldn't send something back saying "sorry wrong person".

Also many D3 schools have people who swim at all levels, from people who started later, like yourself, to people who have been swimming their wholes lives. D3 schoools are typically very accepting of people joining their swim teams.Hopefully this helps you out some.
i dont know much about how recuriting works or anything but i say take all opportunities. what do you have to lose, ya know?
ohhhh send it in. My friend got the same exact thing.

then they sent him more info and stuff, and he worked his ass off to get him 100 breast time down, and he ended up dropping 9 seconds in a year. Now he has a group pf schools to choose from. including I think Arizona, and Cal, and Florida, so he can't decide where to go.

so for sure, go for it.

and if they send you back anything like that (which im almost positive they wont) just tell us and the people of swim froggy swim will unite and beat them into submission......or until they grant you a full ride. :D either way... youve got nothing to lose.