"Tough times dont last, but tough people do." (gem_night77) wrote in swimfroggyswim,
"Tough times dont last, but tough people do."

Hey again, i know you people are getting bored with me, but i just have one last question.

i already posted my times, but i will resay them, 100free: 1.03, and 50 free: 28.2

this is my first year swimming, and i'm a junior. after districts ended, a few colleges and universities sent me recuriting papers on swimming a few d3 schools, and one d2. Just asking for my times and telling me to come to there school and talk to the coach. i dont know if they ever really saw my time, infact, i highly doubt it.
would it be a waste to send in my times? i sorta do want to play a college sport, but never concidered swimming. if i did, would they send me something back reading, "opps, sorry, wrong person, we really dont want you."

any information would help.
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