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Hey everyone, just signed into the community.

I first started swimming back in the fall of 97 when I started high school. Swam for 3 seasons and in as much off season as I could. When 2001 rolled around I had to drop the sport to make time for the college search. By that time I was clocking 2:12 on my 200yd Free and 6:15 on the 500. Went to college, and graduated in May of 2005. FINALLY got back into the water in January of 2006 and despite an unintended hiatus again from June to August I have been trying to swim once or twice a week ever since. Hit a milestone last Sunday and put in 1,000 yards in a 45 minute work out. I was quite pleased.

So, here I am. Looking for a good discussion outlet. This quickly came to the top of my list and so here I am.

Having said that, I've got a question...it's a little weird, and I apologize off the bat.

As I stated before I was and am an endurance swimmer. As I work out, I've noticed that my left arm and peck is considerably stronger and more 'built' than my right. This is to be expected, in part as I am a lefty. But I was a little surprised by how drastic of a difference there really is. I suspect the cause of this is that I tend to pull harder on my left arm than I do on my right, and that the years of competition swimming, the various 'dryland' things I've done during my time away from the water, as well as the return to the water are catching up to a point where the difference is noticeable. This may or may not be true, this is just my theory.

But regardless, does anyone out there have any suggestions, tips, and/or specific exercises I could try to get my right side built up and 'evened out'

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