P.C. Haring (shadow359) wrote in swimfroggyswim,
P.C. Haring

Quick question

Hey all, Speedo is currently doing one heck of a sale on their Fastskin series of swim suits, which is the type of suits that the Olympians are currently using. They're cutting prices on a couple of lines by 70% bringing the bottom line to right around $75. It seems like a high crime not to pick one up with such discounts. But I'm highly on the fence. For the record I am NOT currently swimming competitively. I'm swimming for exercise and for shape and wouldn't consider this purchase under those conditions with the product at it's full price. But as I said, it seems like high crime to pass it up, and I need a new suit anyways. Any thoughts on this? Anyone out there have one and could comment? Link below is for reference.


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