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You know you're a swimmer if...

-waking up before dawn to exercise seems normal.

-jamming a piece of styrofoam between your legs is not a kinky sexual activity.

-you sport long, curling hair with split ends on your legs.

-the phrase "this set with fins" is better than hearing "you just won $1000“..

-you answer, "I dont need to" when someone asks when you showered last.

-you love a good lightning storm when you have outdoor practice.

-you've learned how to squirt 15 different ways.

-your long term goal is to slap your bicep on your lat.

-you wake up before six for the free doughnuts.

-you go through so much latex in one season that you could wallpaper your room.

-a friend asks how a certain guy dresses and you reply, "I only see him without his clothes on."

-your friends have stopped asking you about your plans for the evenings.

-your daily apparel is held together by knots or is torn and see through.

-the phrase "50 double armed backstroke with a breast stroke kick" makes you happier than anything.

-you have hickeys on your neck, you might be a swimmer, or you might be lucky.

-you sweat chlorine even after showering.

-getting smacked on the butt doesn't bother you at all.

-you cut yourself every time you shave because you only do it 3 or 4 times a year and are out of practice.

-you are determined, strong, smart, and tough.

-you spend more time stretching your triceps during the day than brushing your teeth.

-you think walking around the house with minimal clothes on all the time is normal.

-you own a parka.

-your car permantly smells like wet towels.

-you have random drawer full of swim suits but you can only wear one of them without wearing another one with it.

-your closet is piled high with towels.

-the trunk of your car is piled high with towels swim suits and a change of clothes.

-during the summer you look like a racoon because of your goggles.

-whenever you get in water you feel like you just can't make it without your cap.

-recreational swim just isn't fun anymore.

-tan lines have become permanent tattoos that will never go away NEVER!

-you have more pictures of the team than your family.

-you see your team more than your family.

-peeing in the pool is a normal everyday thing for you.

-seeing a guy in a Speedo doesn’t freak you out.

-you have a hard time watching people who can't swim without correcting them on their stroke.

And lastly,

If diving into three feet deep water isn’t a challenge for you, you swim at Hillsdale.

More importantly, I am officially the fastest girl on CSM's swim team, with a 50 free time of 26.08. I am trying so hard to at least break 26, but it's really difficult. I want a low 25 by the end of the season. Any weight training tips? Which muscles should I be most concerned with, that kind of stuff.
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