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Im going to state baby. i got second in my region which makes me the fifth fastest in the 100 fly in highschool. I did a :55.04 I basicly went out like a mad man...i had a :25 second split which is what i did when i only had a 50 to do earlier...
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thats pretty sick, congrats.

we have city finals on i think next saturday, and the fastest guys time for a 100 fly is a 54.89, i think.

But I have been assured that someone will be going a 52 by wednesday's prelims, so I don't know how long that record will last.

Unfortunately one of the guys on my highschool team, who swims a 49 in the 100 fly, is in AUSTRALIA.

Lot of good that does us.....
haha your division sucks. what division are you guys in anyhow?
we're 3... which is pretty weird cuz our water polo is 6 haha OUCH... but yeah anyway at CIF the fastest guy did a 51 something.... wow. yeah. but the breaststroker was only like a 1:01 .. i was like pshhh my friend myles is wayyy faster than that!! haha

p.s. i love you tori!

(this had reply has nothing to do with the original poster, sorry!)
our breast stroker did a 1:00.1 without taper just to go to state. We've been promised a couple of high :58 or low :59 at state this weekend.