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Hi everyone!

Well, I'm new to this community (live journal also, in fact), but I've been swimming with a team for about 4 1/2 years now, and I can honestly say I'm hooked. Although there have been some rough times with the people and just how much time you dedicate to this sport, as probably most of you know haha, I really love to swim. Okay so I'm in junior high and one more year untill I start freshman year of high school swim.

My fav event would have to be the sprints. 50 free, 50/100 fly, and 100 breast. Backstroke is my worst stroke. Ugh my backstroke is... haha. Terrible. But I'm not giving up yet! From middle school season, I just recently broke a record (my first yayyy) in the 50 free with a 26. 79 and I'm pretty pumped for summer because I'm hoping if I train hard enough I can break into the 25s. So that's sort of my best event. But I'm pretty bad at long distance. Man I wish I could do long distance though.

So my 50 fly is a 29.33, and my 50 breastroke last season was a 35 something and change. It's nice because in Middle School you can still do the 50 individuals in Breast, Fly, and Back. But I'm pretty excited to get more into the 100s and even long distance races like the 200s and 500s. My coach told me once that in swimming you need to build up. In order to truly master the 50 you need to race in a 100, and to perfect a 100 you need to swim a 200, ext. I don't know if this is true for every athlete but for some reason that's always stuck in my mind.

Sorry wow this is a long post. I'll end it now before all of you get bored of reading

Thanks for listening to me and I'll try to help and give tips as much as I can even though I'm younger =)
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