chocodog (chocodog) wrote in swimfroggyswim,

Stupid Question

I'm new to lap swimming, but I really like it a lot. I have MS, so swimming is the new perfect way to exercise. None of my friends swim, and I've asked probably everyone I know this question. Hopefully you all can help me out.
How far is a lap? Across the pool, or across and back?
My friends always ask me how many laps I swim, but I always have to answer that I don't know how far a lap is. This morning I swam either 80 or 40 laps. Thanks!
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I believe a length is just across a pool, while a lap is across and back. :) I usually just talk about the number of yards I swam.
in like a practice, we go down and back =2 so 1 lap would equal across
I was going to say the same thing. Unless it's an Olympic size pool. If it's not an Olympic size, then going down and back is one lap. But if it is Olympic size, going from one end to the other is one lap. Did that make sense?
So, how long is an olympic sized pool? The one I swim in is 75 feet, I think. And yes, it makes sense. Thanks for your help.
Just to make sure I was going to give you the right number, I went to yahoo and looked up Olympic size pool. This is what it gave me:

1. of the dimensions or length prescribed for the Olympic Games and other major athletic competitions: an Olympic-size speed-skating oval.
2. (of a swimming pool) having a length of 55 yds. (50 m) and a width of at least 23 yds. (21 m).

So if it's 55 yds (50 m) in one direction (length), and 23 yds in width, then it's Olympic. If it's not those sizes, then you have to do what I mentioned before where you go from one side to the other and back, that'd be one lap. I hope that helps.
Thanks for all of your help!