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Help, please, again, I know.

I got an 8: 47: 03 swimming the 500 Free in meters.  Does anyone know what this is in yards? I'd really appreciate knowing.

Oh! And our team won- the second time! Thanks again for ALL your help on improving times, and for any you can give on this.
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Are you sure it was a 500-m race? I ask only because that is an unusual length for a race. The 400-m is usually considered the meter equivalent of the 500-yd. I did a quick Google search and could not find any chart or converter that could be used with a 500-m race.
It might be that, I honestly have no idea, and am very, very confused. It probably is the 400-m. Thanks for checking!
I realize I wasn't very clear. Like surfer_chick said, 500 meters is approx. 550 yards or 1 meter is about 1.1 yards. Thus, 400 meters is nearly 440 yards. Like in The Price is Right, 440 is closest to 500 without going over and is considered equal enough. If it was a 400-meter race, there are formulae used to convert your time. These formulae gave 10:02.40 for the 500 Free if you swam the 400-meter race in a 25-meter pool (short course) or 9:46.06 if you swam it in a 50-meter pool (long course). Hope this helps.
It does, thanks again.
500 meters is roughly 550 yards.
Oh, okay- thank you!